Biotech recruiting

I'm James Ellis and I can help you hunt unicorns better. 🦄

Biotech recruiting is a non-stop hunt for unicorns. This is your net.

I've worked in and for talent teams in a number of biotech firms and I know that you have one of the hardest jobs in the industry. You're trying to attract people with skills they haven't invented names for.

What if someone did some heavy lifting and shared the resources that would make your job a little easier? Things that leveraged your hiring manager to help you attract people to their networks? Ways to make your job postings and LinkedIn posts more useful (without asking you to become a copywriter)?

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​But the real prize is accessible handbooks for each topic, some of which are perfect to share with your hiring manager. Things like:

James is an absolutely exquisite practitioner of his craft, employer branding.

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